Sunday, 10 January 2016

Amateur snorkelling at Coogee Beach

Arriving at Coogee - taken with a GoPro so it's a lil fisheye 

Left end of Coogee - the little path leads to the snorkelling spot

Tiny fishes everywhere! It's ticklish when they swim past and brush your legs, but when you actually touch them with your fingers it's the strangest feeling!

We stayed for about 2 hours- finding baby crabs and fishes around the rocks area. Eventually I had to hop out because that water is freezing cold!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Beautiful FIJI - Part 3

Sofitel Resort. We arrive around noon, their eating area is still quite empty, but perhaps this part is reserved for dinner? 

This is the walkway lining the whole edge of the island behind the resorts. The weather is perfect today with a slight breeze. Somebody's raked the sand, looking picture-perfect. We spend about half an hour walking around taking photos.

Sunset is happening pretty early in Fiji, around 6pm. It does get a tad cooler after the sun down. We're mesmerised by the view.

Swimming pool at Sofitel. It's a pretty lagoon shaped pool, but most people are at the beach I think.

We arrive at the dinner venue for tonight. It's a special buffet/performance style dinner with a show about the traditional cultures of Fiji, their local foods and music. The tables are seated one at a time as guests slowly arrive. 

We're seated with two ladies from the Central Coast and a couple from Australia. It's such a relaxing atmosphere and right away everyone clicked into easy conversation. Halfway through dinner they bring out a small slice of cake for the man in the photo, turns out it's his birthday! Cue happy birthday song and he's gone all pink in the cheeks, haha. 

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The performers make a big fire in the middle of the sandpit. Inside, they cook the traditional fijian dish: Lovo Beef or Lamb or Chicken. 

After explaining the process & traditional around the dish, he removes the logs and puts out the fire. Slowly, the food wrapped in foil is brought over to the chef where he prepares to serve it to us.

I smell it!

Here, they perform a song and ritual before serving the drink Kava. People sure are excited when a little alcohol is involved! The taste is unusual and some people say their tongue feels numb after.

The buffet served include western salads, bread rolls, currys, pasta, and of course the traditional Lovo dishes. 

Watermelon cocktail cuz they tryna be fancy.

Back dinner, we wander around Sheraton hotel to relax. It's decorated beautifully, the main entrance to the reception is flanked by water with candles on both sides. We're all slowly dosing off to sleep after a big meal in this warm heat.

And there goes another day in Fiji. 

Beautiful FIJI - Part 2

Back in bunk beds, feels like high school camp. Our room is pretty spacious. We're devastated to find the air con only turns on at 6pm each night! Better start learning to love the humidity :)

The afternoon sun is strong! We're still pretty full from the food at the market, so it's time for a quick swim and kayak session. Many travellers staying here are also from Australia and some from New Zealand, my bunch definitely is the most camera-snappy though.

This is the BIG BULA water park at the Denarau Islands, approx 25mins drive away from our place in Nadi. The Denarau Island is beautiful and the roads are spacious and more modern. The whole place is very tourist friendly with signs everywhere. The luxury resorts are all located together here: including Hiltons, Sofitel, Sheraton. We're off to dinner later at one of the resorts, mhmm mhmm!

Cool off in this heat! The park is quite small, but there's barely anyone here so there's no worries about lines. Each water slide is different, with two main large ones. The one in the photo here is the Pirate Slide, race your friend around the slippery obstacle course and then down the slide, hit the water first and you win! 

Tryna get a photo in! That's one of the giant green slides in the background.

Simple layout- slides on either side of the walkway. 

Later in the day, we head off to the Handicraft Market. Locals sell little bracelets and gifts here for tourists to bring back. The competition is fierce amongst storeholders as majority of the gifts they sell are similar and around the same price.

Buys from the market. BULA :)!

The resort's house cat. He likes to sneak up on us and rub our legs under the table while we eat. 

Runaway horse! Just kidding, the resort next to us offers horse riding sessions along the beach, I think he's got 3 horses in total. They're all massive horses up close and so majestic. We got up close with them while swimming later on, love that they're not afraid to get their legs wet and frolick in the sea water too!

During the day, a man started opening up coconuts right there on the beach and kindly offered it to us sunbathing lazy bums! 

Lunch time at our accommodation. Their menu is very much catered for a western audience with the usual burgers, chips, and the occasional rice dishes. My friend goes for the satay chicken with rice and a slice of sweet pineapple.

Cheese and gravy beef under that pot lid there. Strange meal to be eating at a beach to be honest!

The hostel staff informs us it's pizza night over at Horizon hostel next door, so of course off we go. Its pretty dark and hot over there, with a funny ceiling fan. The pizzas are cheesy & gooey, no crusts or much sauce though, maybe that's the way it's done here?

After dinner my alcohol-loving friend calls for a trip to the close by convenience store for some after dinner-lovin. What better way to cool down at night than to try the Fijian Beer? I wish I could comment on the flavours and compare this to Aussie beer, but am absolutely clueless in this area. Dare I say, this bottle is less... Bitter?

Our second morning in Nadi. Our first complimentary breakfast with the hostel. Simple offerings like toasts and oatmeal. Its the best simple breakfast we've had with that view though. 

The Denarau island

I still can't figure out whats inside the wraps, eat first, ask questions later :P

Typical Big Breakky

The reception area at Big Bula Water Park.